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Thank you for investing your time in contributing to our project! We welcome feedback, bug reports, and pull requests!

New contributor guide

Ours develop branch is main not master (master used to be the develop branch for v1.x).

The reason we didn't delete the master branch is that there are still users whose workflows point to the master branch.

For pull requests, please stick to the following guidelines

  • Add tests for any new features and bug fixes.
  • Put a reasonable amount of comments into the code.
  • Fork cpp-linter-action on your GitHub user account, do your changes there and then create a PR against main branch of cpp-linter-action repository.
  • Separate unrelated changes into multiple pull requests.

If you wish to contribute to the python source package used by this action, then that has moved to it's own repository named cpp-linter as of v2 of this action.

Please note that by contributing any code or documentation to this repository (by raising pull requests, or otherwise) you explicitly agree to the License Agreement.